Spring Forward Centerpiece Tutorial

Since it is Friday and I have had one of the worst days I decided to go ahead and try my hand at a tutorial. This is a Spring centerpiece tutorial for a piece that I have on my coffee table in my office. It is pretty simple. I did a variation of this last year using the same twigs and some of the same flowers. I like it because it helps me to remember that all winters end and new life comes with Spring time. Let me know if there is anything I can improve upon tutorial-wise.

1. First things first! You will need supplies:


-crepe or regular springish paper scraps

-twigs of about 3 feet in height

-hot glue gun



-foam block to fit into bottom of vase

-camera (to take pictures of yours and share them with me)



Firstly you will want to place the foam block into the case as shown below. Once it is secure you can plug your twigs into it. This is a willy nilly sort of thing. Have fun with it.

DSC01523 DSC01524

3. Once twigs are secure it is time to move onto the flowers. The flowers that I have on mine are partially silk flower heads that have been recycled from other projects. Those can just be hot glued onto your twigs ( and conveniently removed after you are ready to dismantle this centerpiece to be re-used again). The crepe paper flowers were made from 2-3″ strips of crepe paper that was layed out into a cross, pinched in the middle and twisted to secure. Those can also now be hot glued or taped to the twigs in random disbursement.

DSC01521    DSC01520

4. Once you are done with placement and such you can spray the whole thing with gloss glitter and call it done. I have added paper butterflies in years past. This is your project, do as you will. I will add a pic of the exact finished project when I make a decision about the glitter.


Have a great weekend everyone!

If you tackle this extremely simple project please post a picture of your finished product in the comments. Thanks!


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