The most Holy Spring Break Week…with snow

Hello all!


It is officially the first day of Spring break/Holy week. Seems like time just flew right by and now March is almost over. Here in North Alabama we somehow decided it would be a good idea to have spring break coinciding with Holy Week. I didn’t have any special plans so this is really fine with me. I was actually anticipating a quiet week in which I could catch up on work at my day job and take part in the Holy Week services.

And then it happened..the plethora of custom orders out of no where. If I am being honest I had already started several things because I knew I wouldn’t be busy with my afternoon job. I was planning to make this week embroidery week.


Embroidery is fun and I am pretty fast so it doesn’t take too long once I have all of the supplies. Then I thought, with help from the hubs, that it might be time to start some seeds inside for when it isn’t snowing and the ground is less had and cold here in a few weeks which led to the purchase of these


I love to garden so this was a great idea.


Well then my Etsy shop kind of took off over the last few days which is great. All of that combines to make a very busy week ahead. But you know what, being busy like this is exactly what I needed.

This will be a great week.





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