I dreamed many a dream..


This week has been Spring break for the husband and all of the rest of the city from elementary to college. It hasn’t been what I expected. I thought I would have all of this time to get all of these various and diversities of things done. That wasn’t exactly how it went. I won’t complain too much though. A lot has happened both good and bad. Today is the first day in as long as I can remember that I am without coffee. The janitor at my office fell over my coffee pot and thus it is no more.

Yesterday, Hubs and I went for a rather long walk at Wildwood park and a drive around the city to accomplish various errands. That is where the above picture comes from. All this fresh air had me thinking of the paths life has thus far taken us on.

About five months ago I started a little shop on Etsy. Most of the things I listed were Christmassy things that I had been making for myself or as Christmas gifts. That was somewhat successful. Then as I really got into making things I discovered that I truly loved it. More than I had previously realized. I began to list more and more things and the more I have made and sold the more a dream has materialized in front of me. I don’t anticipate quitting my day job, but at the same time I would like to make this a substantial supplement. I want to go to craft shows and maybe display my wares in some of our local crafty shops. I want to make this venture more than just a whim. I want to make it successful. Along that line I set goals for myself. Manageable, obtainable goals for each month. I have reached my goal for March, and have in fact surpassed it. I can’t express how proud and excited and scared out of my mind I am.

I’ve had a lot of dreams in my life. When I was seven years old I wanted to be an Egyptologist. As I got a little older I thought I wanted to be everything from a Journalist to an Anthropologist to a Lab Biologist. I have done some of those things, others were never really for me, and still other dreams are still waiting in the wings. I worked in a MIcrobiology lab for years. I worked in a museum for a short stint when I was a teenager. I seriously looked into Anthropology programs when I was 20. What I want now is to be financially stable, happily making things, and to have an awesome job for at least a year. My other dream, for when my children (that consequently are not even born yet) are old enough to be in school is to own a coffee/book/craft shop. Maybe that one will come to pass. Dreams are important. Never give up on them.

Forgive any in-cohesiveness, I blame that on the lack of liquid ambrosia that is coffee.

It is a good day to dream a dream.



4 thoughts on “I dreamed many a dream..

  1. I aspire to start an Etsy shop. I’m still caught up in making a few specific things for specific people, but as soon as those projects are done, I’m going to do it. It sounds like you’ve already had some success and fun with it, so I’ll take any tips you may have for getting started.

    Re: craft shows, that’s another market I might like to get into at some point. I’m lucky in that my town holds a summer Farmer’s Market every week during the summer, and it turns out a lot of towns do. I know you said your stuff is more Christmas oriented, but a local Farmer’s Market might be a smaller scale way to dip your toes into the display booth format. And I believe a lot of people are in the mood for Christmas year-round. Check it out and see if there are any options.


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