Blog Give away – Ereader slip case

In honor of this, the first day of the lovely month of April. and because it is finally feeling like Spring, and probably also because I was recently the lucky recipient of such a thing I have decided to have my first ever Blog Giveaway!

I am going to give away your choice of either of these Kindle/Ipad/Nook etc ereader sleeves.


option 1


option 2

All you, my awesome readers have to do, is

1. Leave a comment  on which one you would like to have and what you like about it.

2. Like my Facebook page (link below)

I will close this contest on Sunday evening. Please share this with your friends. I would love for someone to have one of these handmade cases.


I am one like away from my goal on my Facebook page. Please go like the page and leave a comment below. Make my weekend!



13 thoughts on “Blog Give away – Ereader slip case

  1. They’re both stunning! I especially like the first one . . . probably because I’ve been stitching beads onto a special dress lately and I just love that look! Thank you for being such a generous crafter and blogger! 🙂


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