Weekend Inspiration

So this weekend I have a list of projects to start or finish that is at least a mile long. I’ve also got to pack and prep for a trip next week and take care of all the tax details. I’m also going to get to meet one of the lovely ladies from my Etsy Team to talk about blogging for our website. To cheer myself up and gain some inspiration I visited the local Salvation Army as is my habit. Now normally I can find a scrap of fabric, piece of clothes or some sort of artsy supply like rolls of ribbon for a quarter that make my day. Yesterday however I hit the cheap crafter jackpot.


I got all of this. The best part, besides the lovely mix of things is that I got all of this for $2.00. Some things are only 1/2 yard, but the bigger pieces are 2 yards or more. I’m so excited for what I see these pieces becoming. I’m actually going to make a bag for my trip next week post haste.

Earlier this week we also gained a family member.

DSC01948 DSC01970

His name is Poquito. It is a fitting name as he is even smaller than Baby. As you can see Iris still hasn’t figured out if she likes him or not. He is so sweet and now our little family is quite complete. I hate having to leave him next week. Our trip should be fun though.

IF you haven’t already, you should definitely check out my Blog giveaway.

The only thing you have to do is comment on the post and like my Facebook page. Share it with friends! I would love to give one of those handmade cases away to some awesome person out there.

Have a great Thursday, which is like my Friday!



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