Blog Give away – Ereader slip case

Hello all! I am re-posting this today as the contest only has a few more days! Please go check it out. I updated the pictures of the cases which is the only difference. If you caught this the first time then Thank you.


In honor of this, the first day of the lovely month of April. and because it is finally feeling like Spring, and probably also because I was recently the lucky recipient of such a thing I have decided to have my first ever Blog Giveaway!

I am going to give away your choice of either of these Kindle/Ipad/Nook etc ereader sleeves.


option 1


option 2

All you, my awesome readers have to do, is

1. Leave a comment  on which one you would like to have and what you like about it.

2. Like my Facebook page

I will close this contest on Sunday evening (April 7th). Please share this with your friends. I would love for someone to have one of these handmade cases.


I am one like away from my goal on my Facebook page. Please go like the page and leave a comment below. Make my weekend!



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