Spring travels

This week has been all about travel and biology and just a tiny bit of crafting. About 13 people from North Alabama loaded up in car or plane this week to head to the Association of Southeaster Biologists meeting in Charleston, West Virginia on either Monday or Wednesday. Steven, Ms. Kathy, Dr. Yokley and I loaded up early Wednesday morning and flew out of Huntsville to Atlanta, then to Charleston. IT was a great trip. Image

Me standing on a one way street in Charleston

We ate and drank and listened to biological talks and presentation and looked at biological posters and had much fun. This is the first semi vacation Steven and I have had in quite a while. It was much needed. There were some mishaps of course but we took care of it. My old mentor was stepping out of one authoritative role that he had been ready to step out of which is good.


In the midst of all of this craziness I finally got an email back from the First Friday’s people. I should know if I have been accepted and granted a booth by Tuesday. I am trying to be sensible and not get too excited but that isn’t easy. If I get accepted I have a ton of things to make more of. I guess we shall have to see how that goes.

I love vacations, but even more than that I love coming home with some perspective. I am going to briefly go into work today and then I am going to come home and revamp my crafting area so that I can take on the world and all of the projects I have in mind.


The wine may have helped with my clarity of thought.


Or the awesome food


Or perhaps it was the psychedelic fungus (luckily found on someone else s plate).

Have a great Sunday everyone. Craft update to come!



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