The key to looking physically beautiful is feeling like you look good and other random thoughts


I have always hated the brand Skinny Cow. I realize that their frozen treats may be amazing and low calorie and a ‘better’ alternative than Godiva or Starbucks or Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. That doesn’t alter my dislike of their name and the way that they have branded themselves. Lets take the two words separately shall we. Skinny seems like a good thing to be now a days. Everyone wants to be thought of as skinny. With summer coming on skinny is all the rage for beach bodies and bikini season. That in and of it self, while it has flaws that I won’t go into on this post, is not so bad. Then there is the word cow….What woman in her right mind wants to be called a cow….As cute as baby calves are no woman wants to be pictured in the same light as a hairy…rather fat…saggy chested…bovine animal. So every time I see this brand I think they are making fun of the thin-ness that so many women aspire to. It is like “Here eat this low cal alternative to sugary goodness that is ice cream but you will never be thin anyway so why do you bother?”.

On that note, I know that if you are like me you are either getting back into some sort of exercise routine or really stepping up the one you were already started on because summer is coming. Bikini season is coming. Bridesmaid season is coming (this is my personal reason). We all want to look as awesome as possible when shoved into that hard to be flattering two piece bathing suit or that pink chiffon nightmare of a bridesmaid dress. It is good to be physically active. It will prolong life and make you feel better in the day to day. While you are whirling around trying to look like the inner goddess you really are, don’t forget that you also need to feel beautiful. we are all beautiful, and we all have someone looking up to us to see how we perceive ourselves so that they can learn how they should perceive themselves. Let that shine. Believe that you are, because if you don’t chances are no one else will either.

Today marks the end of my work week and I celebrated it by walking the 1.79 miles to work this morning. Go out and see the lovely day!



2 thoughts on “The key to looking physically beautiful is feeling like you look good and other random thoughts

  1. I love this post. I’d much rather work out more to be able to continue and indulge in fattening sweets! 🙂 And I agree with you on the dislike of the brand name Skinny Cow. 🙂 Too funny.


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