Thrifty with a side of awesome: Stretching Pennies

I love you guys. All of you that read my random conglomerate of posts and actually get something out of it. A friend from work told me that I made him laugh the other day, That was an awesome feeling.

Now onto the subject of today’s post. I am starting a new segment of posts. Stretching Pennies! Stretching Pennies will feature all of my thrifted and crazy awesome vintage finds. I love to shop at thrift stores, garage sales, and everything in between. Yesterday was my baby sister’s birthday.


Isn’t she adorable!

So for her birthday I took her to about half a dozen thrift stores around town and let her pick out whatever she wanted. She got a lot of cute clothes, a water bottle cozy, a stuffed owl..It was a great day and a lot of fun. I picked up quite a few things as well. There were two Ziploc bags full of sewing notions at two separate stores that I picked up. They contained a number of different things like these patches


I’ve been here

There were two other patches from Nevada and Florida but I thought this one was neat because I visited a few years back.


I needed new pins

DSC02139 - Copy

Now we get into some of the more awesome finds. The green buttons are from 1955. How awesome is that! Vintage buttons, I can’t wait to put them on something.


Could always use more elastic


Vintage rick rack and bias tape


A few more random sewing notions


lace and plate also thrifted


And drumroll please….This is probably the most interesting find of the day. It is a vintage oriental hugging man pincushion. It has a few obvious pin holes but it is still in excellent condition and will be going in my Etsy shop as soon as a get a minute to list it.

All of this, all of these vintage and fully awesome sewing notions were found in two ziploc bags for $2.00 total. At the end of the day I got all of that, a dress, skirt, sweater and all of my sisters finding for 20.00 even. I started out this series with this post because I wanted everyone to realize that awesome, affordable and earth conscious thrifted finds are right around the corner at their local thrift shop. Please stay tuned for next Sunday’s Stretching Pennies post.

I will leave you with this

Peace be with you.




2 thoughts on “Thrifty with a side of awesome: Stretching Pennies

  1. I love thrifting.. I recently found some beautiful buttons and notions in charity shops..(uk equivalent) a favourite hunting ground.


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