Craft fair madness!

Hello all,

I will start this off by saying that yes, I did get a booth at First Friday’s downtown last night. I was there from about 4pm to about 6:30pm. Here are a few pictures to prove it:


This waImages all before the rain came in too heavily. Normally there are dozens of booths set up for this event. This week I think there were 5 of us. I did learn a few things. One of the big things is to always bring someone who has a sense of humor. I am not very good at talking about my own work, but my husband and brother did a really great job of that. They also laughed with me when the rain came down all of the sudden and collapsed the tent. Luckily by this point we had almost packed up.


My brother was kind enough to model for me.

I decided yesterday that trying an indoor craft fair might be a good idea, but I am going back to First Friday’s next month. I was able to hand out a few business cards and I got a few compliments on my work and displays. Next month will be awesome!



6 thoughts on “Craft fair madness!

  1. Craft fairs are great in the sense that you get so much experience from communicating with real customers. But they are not always as successful as you might want. Your booth looks cute.


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