Mother’s day tribute…a few days late

Hello friends!

I am running a bit behind schedule on my posts but that is life sometimes I suppose.

I have been diligently working at a number of custom orders I got last week as well as making a few Mother’s day gifts for friends and my husbands mom. It was an interesting foray into jewelry making.


I spent Mother’s day with the husbands family. This is pretty normal. my sister did get to come by after church yesterday morning and visit with me a few minutes. She brought me a neat frame for mother’s day so that I can start hanging more pictures in my office.


I wanted to spend a few minutes, post Mother’s day to Thank those women in my life who have been a mother to me when I needed it.

My earliest memories of Barbara Holloway are from when I was 11 years old. I worked with her son at a local Pizza Hut for a few hours on Monday nights painting faces and making balloon animals for their “kids night”. I realize that normal 11 year olds don’t have jobs…but my life was never normal and that is a story for a different day. That is how I came to know her family. My very best friend, the best friend I have ever had, or may ever have, was her daughter Savannah. Not at first of course, at first I thought Savannah was weird and entirely too energetic. Ms. Barbara saw through a lot of the barriers that I put up around myself. She gave me a place to stay when I needed it (which was often), food in my tummy (which was rare), and a calm rational, adult voice that I did not get anywhere else. She provided the only stable home that I knew as a child.

My aunt Cynthia was not really my aunt. She married my great uncle when I was a wee little girl. Luckily for me my great uncle loved my grandmother, who loved me and I got to see all of them quite a bit. Cynthia opened her heart up to me, but perhaps more importantly she gave me a good example of strength through adversity. She also introduced me to the oldest friend I have, her son, who continues to be a steady influence in my life.

My real aunt Kathy is probably the most awesome aunt that any girl could ask for. She took me fishing when I was a girl. She would get up at the crack of dawn when I was bugging the crap out of her and take me down to the country store, order sandwiches and then take me fishing. She listened to my struggles and triumphs and always watched over me. She never had kids of her own, but she is like my mother in more ways than the woman that birthed me. Even though we live a few states apart now she is still just a phone call away.

Finally, Amy Crews deserves more thanks than I will ever be able to give her. She has helped me though all of the adult trials and tribulations that women in their early twenties face. She also gave the best advice and was a shoulder to cry on when my brother and sister came to live with me. She has been a constant voice of reason though crappy relationship, my own parents failures, and my own personal screw ups.

Thank you ladies. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you.



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