Stretching Pennies…New fabric and awesome doodads

Good afternoon all!

I know everyone is excited to hear about my latest thrifted awesomeness.

This past week I visited a local thrift shop. Sometimes you can find awesome things on these visits and other times they are a complete bust. This time I found a treasure of polka dotted fabric:


In total I think there was about 5 yards of fabric which cost $2.00.

Then there was a cute spool of pearls, and ribbon and lace.


The cost for these were about $1.00

and a few other random notions


Altogether about $0.75

I also picked up a cute pair of jeans that actually fit really well and a new shirt dress.

The total cost $10.00

Pics to come soon from the little clutch I am making out of my new fabric. I’ve been in a crafting slump so perhaps this will help me out of it.

How did you Stretch your Pennies this week?



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