Stretching Pennies Refashion: Jeans to Capris

Hello All.

Happy Memorial Day!

If you saw my post from a couple of days ago there were several things I was working on.One of them is a jeans refashion that I would like to share with you.

I started out with a pair of jeans that I bought on sale about a year ago. Due to the fact that I am altitudely challenged I can never find jeans of the right length, these were about 4 inches too long though which is ridiculous even for me. I didn’t mind since it was winter and I could just stuff the extra length in my boots and go about my business. After I had been wearing them about 3 months I ripped the bottom…still wasn’t a big deal since my boots covered it. There were also two holes beginning to for below the pockets which is not good. Now that it is summer time, and with my new job (more to come on that later) I thought it might be time to make them more versatile.

So here they are:

DSC02469 DSC02466

Isn’t the color awesome?

Anyway the first thing I did was get out a pair of shorts that I liked and cut them a bit longer for comfy capris.


I recommend always cutting longer than you think you are going to need. You can always cut more, but the adding is harder to do.

Here they are on my after the cutting:


I like the length, now to hem them.


DSC02467 - Copy DSC02468 - Copy

Now to fix these two holes. What I did was a combination of methods I have read about other people trying. I took two patches from the leftover bottom of the jeans, pinned them on the wrong side of the fabric, with the right side facing the holes, then zig zag stitched across the patch and holes to keep the holes form getting any bigger, but also to keep the patch on the inside and preserve the cuteness of the pants. The key that I found was to match the thread color to the color of the outside of your jeans as much as possible.

Here are the finished pants:


Aren’t they cute?

What have you refashioned lately?


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