Life is like a…

I read a blog post today that really made me think. The basic gist of the post was that life might be like a book, and everything is not supposed to happen in one chapter. That resonated with me. I love books, I love to read. I’m obsessive about it. My husband can tell you that when I pick up a book I rarely put it down until I am finished…usually sometime that next morning. There is not a single well written, or entertaining book out there that has all the best parts in one chapter.


This past September I turned 24. This was not an easy birthday for me. I have always hated my birthday because I have always felt like I haven’t accomplished enough, I am beginning to realize that this notion is ridiculous. I am 24 years old. married, working, paying my bills, and shaping the hearts and minds of dozens of children on a daily basis.  What I am doing right now, that has purpose and value. Yes, it is not as exciting as Harry Potter slaying the basilisk, but in some ways it is just as much fun. I have always been so hard on my myself, without a doubt my own worse critic. I think a lot of people are like this which is absolutely ridiculous. If we can’t believe in ourselves, in what we are doing, in who we are becoming, then no one else will either.

Yes, life is like a book. Everything has a chapter or a season. I think the key is finding out what our purpose is right at this moment and slowly changing to get closer to whatever it is we want to do. For me, I have no idea what my end goal is. I know I am not going to be an astronaut, or a stay at home wife, but what I truly want to do for the rest of my life is still rather undecided. I have a feeling it won’t be too far from what I am doing right now. Be happy! With who you are right at this very moment.


Have a lovely afternoon!



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