Christmas DIY Ideas

Good morning!


Today is going to be deemed DIY Friday. I am going to share with you all my list of DIY’s for the weekend. Most of these I am making to put in cute little gift baskets for my coworkers but I found some neat things at Hobby Lobby so I may also include some things for my family. I will post some pictures of this weekends completed projects.


My first project are these cute little countdown blocks. I am using 1″ blocks because they are cheaper and I can do a lot more that way which is the goal since I making about 20 baskets. I made a set yesterday and they are adorable.

Free printable candy bar wrappers


I couldn’t find a good place to just print these for free so I am going to get out the construction paper this weekend.

Washer necklaces

These cute washer necklaces are seemingly simple and very cheap. I’ve got to stop by the hardware store but I am excited about this project.


Snowman made from a baby food jar. The top jar is filled with marshmallows. The bottom jar is filled with hot chocolate mix.

These are easy and adorable and perfect for a little gift basket. Just add some marshmallows and hot chocolate mix and you are good to go.

Cinnamon Christmas Stars

Not only are these cinnamon stars cute, but they are easy, cheap and smell awesome.

DIY snowglobes also make mini bottle snowglobe charms with mini bottles: #ecrafty

And lastly here are some adorable snow globe ideas. I love snow globes and working at a day care means that I get dozens of glass jars that no one wants and that make cute snow globes and hot chocolate snowmen,


I hope you have been inspired by this list of awesome crafts.


Have a great weekend!





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