Syria: President Obama’s Rwanda

Willis and law Online

This is hard for me to write. It is rare for an issue to offend literally every sensibility I have, to find an issue that enrages me to the very core of my being. This is one such issue. The civil war in Syria is a wildfire, only instead of firefighters trying to stop it they stand back wondering what to do. The Obama administration has been wrong in virtually every way possible when it comes to Syria and it has cost over 100,000 lives and has displaced over 4 million people. If nothing is done Syria will pull Lebanon, and Iraq into its hellish civil war. Jordan, Iran, Turkey, Israel, and the Gulf states will begin picking sides (some have already done so).

A brief timeline.

  • It began March 15, 2011, with a protest against the Assad regime, it was called a Day of Rage. It began to protest…

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