Maxi skirts and a fashionable life

I have finally, after a year of hoarding the fabric for this purpose, made my maxi skirt. It is comfy and kind of cute. I’m rather excited about it. There are tons of tutorials so I will link one a few of those rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. Its cute and versatile and cute and comfy and cute.


Steven is training in Montgomery for 13 weeks (12 weeks as of today) and last Monday was his first day to be gone so I had the whole house, the very empty whole house to myself. By 6pm I was going stir crazy to alleviate that feeling I turned on the Pandora and set to work on this skirt. It only took about an hour to make from start to finish and I didn’t actually measure anything. I took a skirt that I knew would fit and used that to measure my fabric, then sewed the seams, added a waist band and some elastic.


Even Poquito likes it.

The total cost of this skirt was $1.50

Happy Monday!



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