Scrap Stash Musings: Scrap Map project USA

I am beginning to dislike Sundays.

Enter my unidentified scrap fabric box:


Sorry for the bad lighting. This box is full of random bits that are not big enough to do much with. Most of them are too small or uneven or just too weird to even be quilted with. So I am working on scrap projects. Enter my new series of posts:

Scrap Stash Musings

And in honor of scrap stash musings I have started this scrap map quilted project to hang in my office and personalize to the place I have visited. I am breaking this up into a few tutorial posts and then I will post one big tutorial when I am done.

Thanks to Pinterest I have been inspired to quilt a map of the US out of my scrap fabric.

Step 1. Aquire patterns for states:

Here is how you can get started to make on of your own. I took the pattern for the states from here.


Once you get them printed and cut out, you can either directly trace them onto your fabric, or if you want bigger pieces (and I did) you can tape two pencils, or my pencil, highlighter combo and trace that around your paper pattern onto the fabric.

DSC03234 DSC03235

Step 2: Cut out all of your states:

Step 3: Pick out a background fabric. I bought some simple white burlap to sew my pieces down to.

Step 4: Start pinning down pieces to your burlap.

DSC03240 DSC03243

In part 2 of the tutorial I will show you all how I have begun to sew my pieces down.

I hope I have inspired you all to use your scrappy pieces for something awesome.



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