Spring has sprung! Reflections on Lent

Hello all!

Spring is just around the corner if these lovely blooms are any indication.


I got to spend a little time on campus today and the weather was so pretty and the coffee was so good that I gladly reflected on some Lenten themed thoughts.


To do Justice, to love Kindness, and to walk humbly…

These are a very powerful set of words that grow in beauty each time I read them.


To do justice

                                       To love kindness

                                                                                     And to walk humbly

Perhaps because Steven is at police academy right now I seek out justice a little more these days. Sometimes it is the small injustices that we can correct. Sometimes that means making a hard decision, like confronting my boss when I know they aren’t doing the right thing. Or even in the simple things like admonishing the wee ones for being unkind to one another. It bothers me to know that people I know are cheating on their spouses, that their are people out there that won’t eat supper tonight, or that someone is going to work all night tonight to take home not even enough money to pay their bills this week. It just seems to me that there is a lot of injustice and I’m frankly sick of it. Why all this backbiting and gossiping and mean spirited behavior. It certainly is not just.

Do you love kindness? On the surface I am betting that most of us would say yes, but do we really? Do we love being kind? Saying kind words, thinking kind thoughts, even about that cranky guy or that catty coworker who never have nice things to say is hard. It is extremely hard to be kind at times, but most of the time it can be simple and easy. Tell the people around you something nice that you might have noticed about them. Compliment the compliment-able things, offer to help someone when they need it, or be a shoulder to cry on. Make a conscious choice to be kind.

Remember the old saying that came on every VCR tape that we rented from the local blockbuster? “Be kind, Rewind”! Kindness can be a simple act of bringing a muffin to that coworker who never has time to eat breakfast because she has kids and a husband and a crappy 9-5 job that barely makes ends meet. Kindness can be giving five uninterrupted minutes of attention to that really annoying, attention starved kid that absolutely gets on your last nerve. Kindness can be asking someone about their day and really meaning it, really wanting to know. Kindness can be helping your husband shine his boots even though you think boot shining is silly.

What does it mean to walk humbly? Well perhaps it means that we do not need to be recognized for every good deed. A “thank you” is a powerful thing but we should be able to do good deeds without expecting some form of indebtedness on the part of the other party. A little humility can go a long way.

Perhaps the real lesson is that if we think about what we can do to make the world a better place doing justice, loving kindness and walking humbly. May we all strive toward these goals this week.




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