Thrifty Thursday! Its Back!

In honor of hitting 100 followers…dun dun dun…

Thrift Thursday is back!

So I realize that I haven’t done a thrifty Thursday in a really, really long time. The problem was that I hate just saying…oh ah look what I got on the cheap. I wanted to also give some pointers on how I find the good stuff. I am always hearing, “Oh that’s great that you found that cheap frock, but that never happens to me” or “I go to the thrift stores but can’t find anything…” Both of these statements irritate me. If I can walk into nearly any thrift store or consignment shop in this great nation and find a bargain, or an extra super duper bargain on something useful for me or my husband or my sister, then everyone can do it.

So on to the tips portion of the program. Last Friday a friend at work told me that the local consignment shop was having a $2.00 sale on some of their specific tagged stuff.

Tip number 1: When you hear of a deal, take advantage of it.

Simple I know, but most often people don’t take advantage of the deals that are right in front of them. So I called up my sister and we headed to the shop. There was a room full of $2.00 goodness.

Tip number 2: Take some time to sort through the trash for the treasure.

It seems to me that people expect to spend 5 minutes shopping and find that golden nugget but it doesn’t work that way. I spent about thirty minutes hunting around and came up with a lot of awesomeness.



First off these nearly new, New Balance tennis shoes.


That’s right….$2.00

Yeah, I was a little in shock at my own luck actually.


I love, love, love this color. The price was also right at $2.00. I wore it today and it was amazingly comfy,

And because I am attempting to be less stiff and weird here is a weird, but not stiff photo.


Yeah, its almost embarrassing. Hope those tips are helpful. Until next time.



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