Pinterest Pin cushion round up

Recently I have been working to get through this box of scrap fabric. It really feels like I am barely putting a dent in it. Here are a few pincushion ideas gleaned from Pinterest that I hope to work on next week.

1. Neat little scrappy cushion

2. Here is something for the hoodoo that you do!


3.Mini hexi pincushion

Will have to try to make one of these hexie pincushions

4. Cute use of those empty spools.

wooden spool pincushion

5. Love the laceShabby Chic Pin Cushion  by picocrafts

6. I love this embroidery!


7. I love owls. I’ve actually made a few of these.



8. I love gnomes!!!


9. This is an outside of the box cushion

Love Bug, my ladybug pincushion in Stitch Craft Create magazine and on their website

10. And of course the awesome mushroom pin cushion!

little mushroom pincushions

Check out more of my pin cushion pins here.

I hope you have all been inspired.



3 thoughts on “Pinterest Pin cushion round up

  1. I read your bio – I think we might be long lost twins of some sort, as I have worked as many or more jobs. Only there is a time warp – I am 41… Pretty sure there is some worm-hole explanation for it the age difference. I love that you are trying to use up your scraps. What will you do once you have made some of these projects? I love the owls! Will you give as gifts or sell some? Curious reader.


    • I have thought about selling them, and ive already given some away. Im not sure how much interest there would be if I sold them, but that would definitely be neat. Thanks. Ive got to update my bio, but im glad to know you.


      • I often consign items I make. Or find a fellow artisan that sells goods at swap meets and will share a booth. It’s never a big money making thing – but it is fun to do. Good for the soul. Will watch to see what you make.


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