Scrap Stash Musings: Coffee cozy updated photo tutorial

Happy Tuesday fellow bloggers,

In honor of some awesomely happy news that I may be able to share with you all next week and because I’m still working on my huge scrap map project I bring you a scrap coffee cozy with some neeto freehand embroidery.


I couldn’t get my sewing machine needle to thread so this was done entirely by hand this morning while catching up with Veronica Mars in anticipation of the movie release. The first thing i did was printout a template which you can easily find online. Then I cut out inner and outer lining and a layer of fleece to line it.


I then sewed one lining piece down to the fleece and freehand embroidered that heart using dmc floss.


After I sewed the other liner piece onto it, right sides facing and leaving one side open I turned it inside out, added some elastic and a button and voila!


And here is one more!


I’m thinking of doing a quilted one over the weekend.  Hope you all enjoyed this revamped tutorial.

Have a wonderful day!


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