Ah the lies we tell ourselves

Good morning,

It’s Wednesday, or hump day. I am going to work today. Hopefully it will be a vomit free day.  This stomach flu, virus, icky thing apparently takes a while to get over. I’m going to tackle a topic that we don’t often talk about. You know that fluffy nonsense that people say to you that sounds, smells and probably tastes like bullshit.

bullshit meme

I come from a line of bullshitters….Not very PC I realize, but is extremely true. More true than I can possibly put in print. You just have to live some things. My father, bless him, used to lie and say he wasn’t really drunk, even after several beers. Now it tends to be something along the line of I’m going to move into this crappy environment again, but I will stay clean and semi sober and not put my health at risk. My mother had mostly less harmful bullshit. She could tell you that she loved you while choosing her 21 year old boyfriends side over anything you or your siblings might have to say. Or while moving her three teenagers in with a man she hadn’t known for 6 months… I don’t want pity or sympathy or any of that because its in the past and I am obviously not subject to someone else’s poor decision making being over the age of 18, with two over the age of 18 siblings. I can now officially make my own bad decisions. I simply want to plead with the bullshitters of the world to just stop.

Perhaps because I feel like I am surrounded by it lately, but I have actually hit my limit in the bullshit quota. I hear a series of phrases all the time, directed at myself and others, perhaps you all, in the internet world, can sympathize.

Your house isn’t clean enough.

Get a real job.

What are you doing with your life?

You would be so pretty if you could just lose a little weight.

What did you do with your day?

Don’t you just play with babies all day, why are you tired?

Oh, your husbands a cop, whats that like?

Your too young to know what tired is.

Are you pregnant?

Don’t you just sit at a desk all day and play on the computer?

I’m sure there are a thousand more but those are the ones that immediately come to mind. These things come out of the mouths of our boyfriends, husbands, friends, family, coworkers..etc. People who think they are just being helpful. The truth is it is bullshit. If you have ever worked reception, then let me tell you it takes the patience of a saint. No, your secretary doesn’t sit on her behind all day, otherwise nothing would ever get done. If I, or any other woman, was pregnant, and wanted you to know, we would tell you. Stop asking every time we get the stomach flu or look a little bloated. It is in poor taste and its just rude not to mention annoying as hell for those of us that have a slim chance of conceiving. When I work a 40 or 50 hour work week, come home and take care of 3 dogs and a household by myself I am not too young to know about tired. I’m so sorry to have to tell you forty year old bitter people this, but I know the ache in the shoulder and bone weariness that is tired. Yeah, my husband is a cop. Whats it like being married to a dentist?


Are you beginning to see the ridiculousness attached to any of the above stereotypical questions? I certainly do. So why do we do it? Probably because we think we must know better than that poor, silly, person who had the bad taste to complain or comment on their life in our general vicinity. The reasons we do it do not matter. We simply need to stop.

To quote the mighty George Carlin “It’s all bullshit folks, and it’s all bad for ya.”




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