New beginnings

Good morning fellow humans,

Yesterday was such a strange day. I walked three miles. That was definitely different. I try to walk at least one  a day but yesterday I walked three. I got up, paid my power bill, dropped the husbands uniform off, cleaned up after the puppy who had decided to try and chew a picture frame, and then I was scurrying off to work. Except that yesterday I wasn’t scurrying off to my office or to the daycare, but to a new and frankly exciting opportunity.  Yesterday I was brought in to help with the creation of the most adorable little girls clothes that you can imagine. They, or I guess I could say we, also make women’s clothes, but I haven’t seen that side of things yet.

Picture is property of

I love the environment. I love that I don’t have to worry about a gossip grave vine. I love that I am doing something beautiful and organic and natural. I’m happy about this. I hope that everyone else, everywhere is finding something to be happy about. My husband is coming home tonight. I get to do something exciting next week which is still a surprise. I finally bought my domain name so at the top you should be seeing something new where the url is. To top off my happy list I came home to flowers last night.

Photo: Thank you handsome husband

Thank you handsome husband.

One more thing that I am oh so excited about, that article I wrote on Veronica Mars, the movie, was published as a contributing post on Positively Smitten today! My life is good. I’m going to hold on to that thought as the demons of the day attempt to wear me down.

What are you all happy about today?

Have a wonderful Friday and an amazing weekend!



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