Fallen Crest Character Interviews

Today I am doing something a little different but I am pretty excited about it! A little while ago I posted a book review a little while ago for the first book in a neat little series, Fallen Crest High. As I have said before, I read just about anything and this book was not something I was sure about when I got it. It turned out to be great. The characters are what really made the book. So in the spirit of those great characters I have a neat little interview with the three main character in the Fallen Crest Series!
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I know you all are pretty active, but what is your least favorite physical activity?
1. Logan: “Chores. Any of them.”
Sam shrugs.
Mason laughs at Logan and shrugs too. “Vacuuming.”
Ha, fair enough. I also despise the Vacuuming! What is your favorite type of weather?
2. Logan frowns and purses his lips. Sam rolls her eyes at him and smiles, “Any time I can run–” Logan interrupts her and points at the interviewer. He says, ‘I like winter because we never get it. I like downhill skiing.” Mason waits until the interviewer looks at him and grins. “I don’t care. Any, I guess.”
What is your fondest childhood memory?
3. Sam has a little smile on her face. She glances at Mason and says softly, “I was asked this before too.” Mason asks her, “What’d you say?” She turns to the interviewer and raises her voice, “One of them was going on a hike with my dad. My mom couldn’t go so it was just the two of us. I always like that memory for some reason.” Mason is holding her hand between their legs. He squeezes it now. Logan waits until the moment passes and says, “My fondest memory is anytime I got a good clean tackle on Mason.” He flashes his brother a smile. “Quarterbacks don’t tackle too often so I savor those moments.” Mason rolls his eyes. He doesn’t answer.
What mythological figure best personifies you?
4. Logan bursts out, “Zeus!” Then he laughs and jerks a thumb at Sam, “Athena and Mason is a minotaur.” He keels over in laughter. Mason rolls his eyes again, but retorts, “I think that’s more you, but you’d be a third man and two thirds bullshitter.” Logan laughs, “Bull-shitter. That’s funny.”
What is your favorite beverage?
5. All three laugh. Logan snorts. “Beer. Duh.”
Of course. I should have guessed. Do you know how to swim?
6. All three nod.
What is your earliest clear memory?
7. Logan laughs, “Probably looking at myself in the mirror.” Sam ponders and says, “Riding in a bike thing with my dad.” She looks at Mason, waiting. He says, “Not to be a downer, but mom and dad fighting.” He’s watching Logan as he says it. Logan nods. “I can see that.”
Where do you feel the most safe?
8. Logan shakes his head. “No way. These two are going to say something cheesy like when they’re together. Next question.”
Fair enough, Have you three thought about what you want to do after college?
9. Logan points at Mason, “He’ll go pro or own a business.” He points at Sam, “She’ll probably go to grad school, she’s smart like that.” Then he stops and leans back in his chair. Mason points at Logan, “And he’ll work for our dad.” Logan snorts. “I’ll take over and kick him out. How about that for karma?”
Since I am a crafter, I’m curious, do you enjoy making anything?
10. Mason and Sam hide their grins and don’t answer. They’re waiting and then Logan says as a wide smile stretches over his face, “Sweet sweet love.”
Here are the links to the book. Right now the first in the series, Fallen Crest High, is free. Go check it out.
I can’t wait for the next installment!

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