Unleashing our Inner Creative Genius 2014 Part 1

Thank you! Thanks to all of you I have over 100 followers now and my posts are consistently getting more views and traffic. I’m pretty pleased with that. This blog is something that makes me happy to write and to experiment with, to throw my ideas around. Thanks to all of you that help with that with feedback and ideas of your own. In honor of reaching that 100 follower milestone I am going to publish a series of posts this month on the creative process. You might remember that I did a similar thing last year.  So here we go!

It seems to me that the creative process gets a lot of press. We create thing all the time,  mostly without any celebration of the process or of ourselves for having created. Women create a look; they put together a style of their own before they ever leave the house most days. That, whether we realize it or not, is a neat and creative endeavor that should be celebrated. We create when we put together lunch, or dinner or bake those awesome cookies. There is the creative process as the world sees it and then what I do to help me get back into the swing of craftiness or to help me generate awesome ideas after having something of a creativity block.

creative process

What the creative process looks like to science (credit to google image)

When I decided that I wanted to write on this topic my first thought was to Google “creative process”. Turns out I needed a stout cup of coffee to even begin to decipher some of the things that popped up from that search. Most of it was…well…not very creative. I found several general creative process lists. All of them were rather boring and not at all how I approach crafting and making things. Everyone has a creative process. This may sound like an over generalization but I believe it is true. Our creative process comes into play not only when we sit down and sew that truly beautiful quilt, or when we make those truly special earrings, but in every day problem solving.


A much more amusing take on it

Even blogging requires some creativity. Below I have included some steps that I take in my process.


Step 1: Coffee (or other morning beverage)
On mornings that I know I am going to get to spend a significant portion of the day crafting, sewing, blogging or waking up extra early to complete fun projects it is an exciting thing. The first thing I do is start a pot of coffee; or if I am home I use my handy dandy Keurig. If you aren’t a coffee or a tea drinker then juice is a good alternative. I’ve also discovered that smoothies are the bomb. The smell of coffee, fresh and hot is inspiring to me all by itself. We don’t often take time to enjoy the simple things so enjoy the taste and smell and just breathe life in.

Step 2: Blog surfing/Blog writing
This may sound strange, but I often find that writing about whatever I decide to write about that day helps me to start thinking about what I want to make that day or what I need to make in the case of custom orders. Taking pictures and putting together a blog post gets the creative juice flowing. There are so many encouraging and inspiring blogs out there. Some of them have nothing to do with crafting but I find that they put me in the right frame of mind. Positively Smitten, Crafty Staci, Pillows a-la-mode, and the Refashionista just to name a few, have inspirational posts that are happy and help those creative juices to flow.

Step 3: Breath some fresh air
As cheesy as this may sound, it is vital to me. I don’t live in the best neighborhood, but even sitting on my front porch with my coffee for five minutes improves my total productivity and creativity for the day. You could take your crafting stuff to a park and work there a while. If you are a writer, take your notepad or lap top out with you. I have a bag that is reserved just for packing a few things to work on in the park. If you have one within walking distance that is even better. Go for a walk, take your dog to the park, sit outside to eat your lunch. Just get out there an breath some fresh, unfiltered air. Spring is an exceptionally good time for that. Open a window if it is raining and listen, breathe in and smell the rain. It is awesome!

What inspires you to be creative?


4 thoughts on “Unleashing our Inner Creative Genius 2014 Part 1

  1. Congratulations on 100! I have tried to understand creativity, but it begins to confuse me. A few years ago, I bought a book and the companion workbork on building creativity called “The Imagineering Way.” I saw it at Disnelyland and had to have it. I discusses creativity and how to inject it into all aspects of life. Really Cool. I look forward to more of your Unleashing Our Creative Genius.


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