Crafting update and Range excursions

Coffee is important. Everyone should have some. I did something wild and crazy and unlike me yesterday. I went to the firing range with the husband. It was hot and sunny and loud. Steven was in need of some practice before range week at academy, which is coming up next week. We have a strange marriage for LEO’s in that most things that we can do together, we do. For instance, I came with him when he ran the practice course for academy with his department training officer. I was the one in the squad car that Steven was pushing with her foot controlling the brake. Yesterday I watched him reacquaint himself with his duty weapon. His night shift partner is an awesome competitive marksman and was there to give pointers and such.

They worked on accuracy and stances and general methodology of how to hit the target. I don’t have a fear of firearms or loud noises so it was actually a fairly pleasant experience, other than the rowdy ROTC people trying to recruit hapless high school students in the background. We got to share the range yesterday. The wind was blowing so it was actually fairly pleasant. I sat in the grass and wrote and watched.

This has been a good crafting week. I have had a lot of fun with it. I am actually getting near the end of my scrap fabric box. I got to move them into a box about half the original size.

Here are some of the fun things I worked on this week.

Hand embroidered coffee cozies. These were a lot of fun.

DSC03547 DSC03548 DSC03541 DSC03538


Cute fabric flower arrangement


And I made this neat bag for my sister earlier this week.



Now I just have to decide what to work on next week.

Have a wonderful Palm Sunday!



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