What are we here for?

We are not called to be comfortable. Those are powerful words spoken to me by a generous, and loving woman.

I love my job, actually these days I love both of them. I have been criticized, mocked, under paid, and under appreciated, but I still love my job. It is difficult. It is obnoxious. It is political. It is joyous. It is rewarding.

The church is a community and that is one of the biggest reasons that I love it. Children are at the foundation of any community, and that is where I get to focus my energies. The church is built upon the idea that we are to love our neighbors as God loved us and more than we love ourselves. That is the foundational principle of the body and I can support that wholeheartedly. Though I realize it is easier said that done.

Last night I attended the Maundy Thursday Service at Trinity, with foot washing and altar stripping. I had no real idea of what I was getting myself into. It was powerful. The sermon was given by our own Deacon Catherine. It was inspirational. She gave a beautifully crafted sermon on the essence of what we are called to be; Servants. We are called to serve our fellow man. Foot washing may seem strange. It seems strange and uncomfortable even to me, but it is a symbolic of the service that we should give to one another and in remembrance of Christ washing the feet of his disciples. It is such an awesome symbol. The message was given, the feet were washed, the altar was stripped, a vigil was kept in the garden…and today is good Friday and Sunday will be Easter. We are not called to be comfortable. We are called to feed the hungry, minister to the afflicted, shelter and care for our brother and sisters, guide our children and  most of all to love one another.

It is easy for me to love the children. They are young and innocent and so loving themselves. It is much more trying to show love to grumpy coworkers, stressed out husbands, and erratic family members. Where do we draw the line between love and letting ourselves be stepped upon? Should there even be a line?

I confess that I have a hard time being idle most of the time. At work today I finished something my boss had started because she left it and I had finished what I was supposed to be working on and I just couldn’t do nothing.  I just can’t be idle. This leads me to be not very understanding of people that are idle. Anyone that I feel does not contribute to society is someone that I have a hard time tolerating and showing love and compassion towards. That is one of my biggest personal failings. I have a hard time sympathizing with the jobless, or the homeless. I get so caught up in the way I feel, how tired I am, how put upon I am that I have a hard time finding some compassion for the misfortunes of others.

I was reminded last night to get over myself. Be selfless. Love others. Show compassion. Love, with my whole heart. Love others, love myself; these are hard things…

But we are not called to be comfortable.




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