Unleashing our Inner Creative Genius 2014 Part 3

Good morning!

Today marks the end of my posts on the creative process which you can find here and here, at least for now. This series is also featured on Positively Smitten’s website. Check them out, they are quite inspiring. I hope that I have been able to inspire you to create something awesome!


Step 7: Listen to music!
Listen to your old favorites, or try out a new Pandora or YouTube playlist. Music is such a great inspirational tool. When I get in a funk there is nothing better than singing at the top of my lungs something horribly terribly awful. It’s great. Sing in the shower. Sing in the rain. Sing in your car. Just listen to something funky and get inspired.


Step 8: Spend some time with Wee ones!
Children are by far the most inspirational beings that you could ever come across. They don’t have the filters that we develop as we age. They say what they mean. They will tell you when something is beautiful or ugly or just plain boring. Kids really are an inspiration. They see the world through lenses that we cannot. Adults are jaded. We have been disappointed and learned to be afraid to be ourselves. Most kids, they don’t know how to be anything but themselves. That is one of the most awesome creative things that we can be! Just be yourself.


Step 9: Carry a notebook!
I have a little notebook that I carry everywhere to jot down the ideas for blog posts or draw out embroidery ideas or whatever comes to mind before I forget it. This is a very convenient and easy way to stay creative. I’m sure that you have been at work or the grocery store or even just out running errands and had a truly awesome idea, only to forget it by the time you make it home again. Write all of that stuff down. Your creative genius should be heard.


These three are truly creative. You should see the messes they make.

Step 10: Surround yourself with creative people!
I never feel more creative than sitting in a local coffee shop with a bunch of other people working on writing, or making, or creating something. I think that is the appeal of Starbucks or small town organic feeling coffee shops. They are cozy, there are couches and hang out spots that countless people before you have been inspired in. When I am sitting in the cabin with my other Idyll-Wilde co-workers hand stitching, or sewing on tags, or buttons or embroidery and we are talking about ideas and life, which inspires me. If you don’t have creative friends then you have to go out and find some. If you do have creative friends, don’t be intimated by them, try and learn from them. Surely they know how to do something that you would like to be able to do and I am willing to bet that you know how to do something that they would love to learn. I was just properly instructed on how to load a bobbin by someone that is so much better at sewing than me, but instead of thinking I was silly, she was happy to help me learn. The best crafty people want to share that with others, and in knowledge sharing we feed off of each other’s creativity and come up with the best ideas. I don’t personally know any other bloggers, but I can only imagine how neat it would be to have a friend who loved this as much as I did to bounce ideas off of.

So what steps do you take to unleash you inner creative genius? What do you do when you are feeling creative or to work up to a day of crafting, writing, blogging, sewing, or other creative endeavor?

I hope you all have a lovely week!


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