Celebrate Good Times! Come on!

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Good morning!


Today I am doing things a little bit differently in celebration of my 100th blog post. I want to celebrate where this blog started and how far it has come since then. I started out last year on Blogger, but quickly moved to wordpress.  I started out with a post on New Years Resolutions ( which seems fitting for a new blog). I quickly moved on to other topics close to my heart like how to be a conscientious crafter,  or the tale of my married life. Check out some of those old posts. They are pretty good.

Today I am going to answer a few questions about me and introduce the new Contact Me page. I’ve had some questions about how to contact me lately, and this is the way to do it!

Now on to the questions! Some of these have been asked on this blog through comments, some have been asked by others in my life and some are just fun.

What am I going to do with all the stuff I make?

Well that is a good question, I mostly give it to other people when the mood strikes me, but I am planning to try First Fridays or Sheffield’s First Saturdays in the summer as well as opening up an Etsy shop again with a different focus and much more planning.

Why do I blog?

I have been blogging a very, very long time.  I started out on Pleonast. This was a very long time ago ( as in my last entry was in 2008) I stopped posting on there as did most of my friends and I stopped blogging until 2013 when I tried Blogger. The rest is history. I blog because I need an outlet for my thoughts and creative endeavors that no one in my life here much cares about. Though as I work at Idyll-Wilde and meet more creative people I think I may have found a few like minded souls. However, I will still blog.

What do I want to do with myself?

Hell if I know…..But seriously. I love my jobs these days. I love to sew with Idyll-Wilde and cut fabric and put on buttons and learn new tecniques. I love working with the people and children at Trinity. In my perfect world I think my job at Trinity would become full time and I could do my crafty stuff on the side.

And now for the fun facts!

John, Faith and I

I am the oldest of three children.

When I was a child I would only eat grape flavored popsicles or drink grape flavored koolaid….and not much has changed.

I love to fish!

I love the beach! As in one day I will be a hippie in a house on the beach selling hemp products.


I have been married almost 3 years.

I am a strong advocate of the love everybody mentality.

I love to catch reptiles (and release of course). I love snakes, and lizards and turtles!

I am my biggest critic. I need to work on it.

I hope you have all enjoyed learning a little bit more about me and my blog. Have a wonderful weekend!







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