Sisterhood: A review of The Other Woman

First off, let me just say that my sister is awesome. She took me to see this awesome movie last night. That sort of female camaraderie is really truly something special and I am glad to be a part of it.


The Other Woman is getting a lot of press for edging Captain America out of the spotlight and we wanted to see something light and fluffy…and this is pretty much the only movie playing right now that fits that description just from watching the trailers. There are a lot of strong female characters being presented to us these days, which is awesome. However, usually those characters are solitary, they are singular, or wrapped up with a man, or friends with men, or in dire and life threatening situations. The Other Woman rather unexpectedly showed me strong women in the guise of a romantic comedy.


We start out with Carly, a hot and successful woman who has finally met what seems to be the perfect guy. She seems like a nice lady, and she certainly deserves to be happy…..and then bam! She finds out he has a wife.  Now, what we usually see here is an epic battle over the man between two otherwise sane women. That isn’t what happens here. Carly is not going to pursue a married man, contrary to her friends (played by Nicki Minaj) advice. Kate, otherwise known as the wife, seeks Carly out, and they become friends.

Think about this a minute, instead of trying to tear each other apart and have the “best woman” win the man, they end up lovingly supporting each other through what both of them are surely experiencing as an emotional trauma. Yes, Katniss is awesome, and I am glad that young women have her as a role model, but I think something equally inspiring is going on between Carly and Kate.  This is a real scenario, not a post apocalyptic world where Tris is a strong female leader or Katniss is the face of the resistance, these two women are wronged by someone they both trusted and are working together, to make something better of it.

What would happen if we all did that? If, instead of beating up on the women who are “just trying to steal our man” or a promotion, or the number one position, or whatever it is, instead of making them feel bad and putting them down, we joined together with them and lifted each other up in the process. What about instead of gossiping about how bad our female coworker looked that day, we show some concern  and see what we can do to help her through whatever is wrong in her life. Can real women show that sort of love and acceptance and sisterhood? Yes, I believe we can.

This movie was awesome. I won’t spoil it for you. Most of what I have already said you can glean from the trailer. I laughed until I cried at a few points. Go check it out, and the next time you are given a choice, be a better woman. I am going to try and do the same.



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