What I have been up to!

This has been an exciting and interesting week. First let me say that if you are on bloglovin, you should definitely be following me now that I have my own account there and I have registered the blog.  I must say that I look pretty freaking cool on that website. I am very glad that I have been taking better pictures lately.

I am on pseudo vacation this week, though I have been working on various projects and sewing and mending and such for my Etsy shop and for hopefully getting a booth for First Friday’s next month. I made my first Etsy sale, which was awesome. I sold this style wreath to a friend of mine. It was exciting to get my first sale this time around. I really hope more comes of it, but we shall see.

The other things that I am discovering this week is that I love sausage gravy biscuits and I have an obsessive love of coffee and life is fun. I’m planning out my blog posts for the month and I have a lot of neat things going on. Within the next few days I am going to do a book review and hopefully another character interview if I can just get the questions together.  Hopefully within the next few days I will be able to announce some more good news. For now I am going to work on those etsy listings and loving life. Have a lovely day.



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