New adventures!

What am I Positively Smitten with today? I am smitten with Positively Smitten magazine! It is a great online publication and I am not just saying that because I am the newest Staff Writer.

Yes, you heard me correctly. I, Virginia J Stracener, am now a staff writer for Postively Smitten. I fell in love with them a while back and just recently became brave enough to submit some of my articles to them…and it turns out they liked them. I kept submitting and here we are. I am so freaking excited. I am literally bouncing in my chair. I love to write. Love it! I love to blog. This is just awesome.

In keeping with the Positively Smitten line of thinking here is what I am smitten with this week:

DSC03671DSC03601  DSC03214 DSC03216

1.Pets! I am positively smitten with my animal companions. I was out of town this past week and I there were  no animals around other than the occasional bird. I am glad to be home surrounded by my rescue mutts, very adorable cat friend, and three snakes (yes, reptiles can be friendly). My dogs are the best snugglers and I have missed that. They are also very happy to see me which is always a plus. They are loyal and fun and I am so glad to be home with them.




2. Breakfast! When you are married to a police officer it is sometimes hard to find a common meal to share together. My husband works night shift and I work primarily during the day, but typically we meet in the middle for breakfast. I love breakfast food. Sausage and gravy biscuits, bacon, hash browns, fruit and of course coffee are my favorite things! I would rather have a great big breakfast than an elaborate steak dinner. Some of my best memories surround this meal.

3. Quiet! I spent a lot of time this week by myself, which is not something I get to do very often. I like interacting with people, but there is something very special about getting all the way to lunch and realizing that you haven’t spoken out loud yet. I think there is something very beautiful in the occasionally period of silence. I like to just sit and listen to the birds chirp and the neighbor wake up and in that time there is no need for words.


4. Nature! There are few things as satisfying to me as nurturing a plant from sprout to bloom. Planting something in the dirt with your own two hands, watering it, caring for it, sheltering it from frost, and then watching it bloom into something beautiful is truly a one of kind experience. I don’t believe there is a such thing as a black thumb, there are simply people that haven’t found the plant for them yet. Try it some time.

What are you positively smitten with this week?


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