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I had a lovely mother’s day, even though I am technically not a mother. Being in Children’s Ministry means that people are kind enough to loan me their children and I got to spend some time with those kids on Sunday.

Steven got me some new plants and a nifty St. Francis statue. for the garden.



I got to play around with my many nifty plants!

10308106_10100135984010585_8084445985497602248_n 10306636_10100135983766075_5736852664787661118_n 10341821_10100135983935735_2749437906001241348_n 10308213_10100137070947355_2741426212698115854_n 10295820_10100135983955695_310722163417635475_n 10253947_10100135983850905_806698409038979786_n

And I got to play with the fur babies!

10372128_10100137071042165_7469382781299471740_n 10336832_10100137071027195_5375920787908440513_n 10372003_10100137070822605_4217315444794461976_n 1511220_10100137070797655_5650462105913559211_n

They are climbing everywhere.

Yes, I am extremely pale.


This is my favorite plant thus far. Thanks to the people at Court Street Market for the awesome Nasturtiums.

Get outside and enjoy life.



How does your garden grow?

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