It’s hot! And other stories…

Good morning!

I think we are finally past the cold weather and potential frost and on to the extremely hot weather that everyone in North Alabama, including myself, is a little more used to.  Steven is finally graduated and all of that is over with and that is good. We had his graduation party yesterday which was fun.


The other fun thing I did yesterday was tour the local yard sales with the sister. I got some really awesome stuff. Our strategy is usually to check the local adds, grab a GPS and follow where the road leads us. Yesterday was epic. I got an entire box of yard for $2.00, I got several neat clothing items, I acquired several miniatures frames for a project I am going to work on next week, and my favorite item was the Belvah purse and wallet that I acquired for $1.

Today is going to be full of completing projects and cleaning up and prepping for First Friday’s even though I have no idea if I got a booth yet. I hope everyone else has a lovely day!

And don’t forget about the sale I have going on right now! Us the code CELEBRATE2 to get 10% off.


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