Scrap Stash Musings: Framed pincushion tutorial

Good morning! I am joining the Pinworthy Projects Party from Domestic Superhero.

domestic superhero

I hope you all enjoy my tutorial for framed pincushions. This is a great way to use up those fabric scraps. On my yard sale adventure last week I picked up a few of these mini frames for a quarter a piece.

You will need:

Fabric scraps


something to stuff your pin cushion with

hot glue

craft thread

a needle

and whatever you need to decorate your frame (if needed)


I chose to paint my frames!

I painted the heart shaped one yellow, then added some glitter to some modge podge!


After you get your frames ready I suggest painting them with a coat of sealant. I used modge podge.

Next, you will need to pick out your fabric, then using the glass from your frame, trace around the glass, loosely, leaving about an inch of space and cut out your shape.


After the shape is cut out you will need to break out the needle and thread and make a straight stitches around the edges. It should look something like this.


Pull it together, leaving the thread and needle in and untied. Stuff the shape. Then slip the glass piece in the pack, pulling the thread taught to pull the fabric edges around it.


I secured my fabric edges to the glass with hot glue and tied the thread off. After this step you are read to stuff the cushion back through the frame.


Put the back on and you are done!

I liked it so well that I made two!






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