Craftin into the wild blue yonder

Where did I go??? Where did I go??? It has been ten long days since I published anything on my blog.

Well I went out into the great blue yonder and I got completely lost and then there was Vacation Bible School (yes, the name is lame) and I did a craft fair booth at a local farm and I worked my pattootie off. I will tell you all about all of it, but first things first!


Yes, I look freakin goofy…What of it?

The craft booth thing was absolutely awesome. We have this place in Florence/Muscle Shoals called Jack O Lantern Farms and they sell produce and local meet and local food. It is a great place. I love visiting. It just has a great atmosphere.They let local people come out and set up there about a week and a half ago.  Here are a ton of pictures!









The booth set up was free so all the money I made didn’t have to be put up against a costly fee and I got to work on projects while sitting in the shade of a borrowed tent and eating a wonderful chicken salad sandwich. It was a really awesome day. I did learn that I want to make my own table cloth, with bunting and a banner and neat frilly vintage lace.

I sold that patriotic wreath and a few pieces of hoop art. It was great. I had an awesome friend help me set up that morning. I recommend this for everyone. Hopefully my next post won’t be 10 days away.

Ya’ll have a lovely night.


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