Pinterest Worthy Projects: Wooden Crate Staining tutorial!


On this tutorial Tuesday I am going to show you show I sanded and stained these fruit crates that I picked up at the thrift/antique store.


This is a pic of them right after I got them home. It was a nicer day that day but you can sort of tell they are really rough and in need of a good sanding down.

Step 1. Sand, or buff your crates


After they have been sanded they should be smooth to the touch, no splinters coming out, etc.

Step 2. Pick out a stain!

I went with a darker stain, which I thought would be a little bit lighter, but that is ok. I like how it turned out anyway.


After you have cleaned up your crates post sanding, it is time to stain them.

Step 3. Staining

The method I used was to stain with a foam brush, let it set for a few minutes and then rub it down with a soft cloth. There are a ton of different ways to do this but I liked this one.


Here are my crates post staining. They are going to need to air out a bit in the sun before use because I will go ahead and tell you now that they will stink.

Step 4. Sealant!

I recommend using a sealant after staining. You can also polish them if you would like, but a sealant will hold the stain and allow a little bit of water proofing.

You are all done! I have seen these crates in Walmart, pre sanded, and just about everywhere these days. People use them in bathrooms, as decorative bedroom pieces, as actual shelving. Here is what I used mine for:

IMG_0183 IMG_0180 IMG_0196

What will you use yours for?



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