When Will the Consequences of Pageants Outweigh the Cute Factor?

Positively Smitten Magazine


What would you think if I said that I was going to take a four-year-old boy to the gym and have him work out (with size-appropriate weights, of course)? What if I then take him to a fancy store and had him try on clothes for hours while I looked on and made critical remarks? What if I then took him home and forced him to eat a very regimented diet to get rid of any “baby fat” that he might have left? What if I then put him in a competition with other little boys to pick out the most handsome, most charming, most physically appealing among them?

Does that sound wrong to you? It does to me. It sounds outrageous and purely fictional when describing a boy, but what if I told you these scenarios are actually happening all the time to little girls from the time they are babies to when…

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