What to do with all those vintage hankies?

A lot has been rather rapidly changing in my life this month. I did not at all see myself where I am right now at the beginning of the month. I’m getting ready to move. This is not what I expected to be doing. Despite all the fluctuating life-ness I have been thinking on a project. 

wpid-wp-1406119978998.jpeg wpid-wp-1406119996358.jpeg

I want to take these, a ton more like them, and make something like this:


These are curtains made by Maggie and the Sparrow from vintage hankies and linens. I have been picking up the linens for a quarter a piece from thrift stores, sometimes a little more from the antique shops.



This is another one I really like from Rose Hip.

I might hang them as curtains, use them as a table cloth, or even hang them about my bed, something like this. 

What are you inspired to do this weekend?



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