Moving, and other experiences

This past week has been all about moving. I’ve discovered a few things in that process. I have nothing figured out. I think we all go through a period of life where we think we have it figured out…I’m learning that I have nothing figured out. I do not enjoy having nothing figured out. In fact it has become my new goal in life to figure as much out as possible…and soon.

In this process of moving I have been deciding what to take with me, etc, and that led me to a neat set of canisters.



They have cute little mushroom handles, and a neat mushroom design. They are now sitting in my new kitchen.


The kitchen is, interestingly enough, the only room I have unpacked.

I also discovered this last week how to change out a dryer cord..three times.

This little baby was my saving grace.


Turns out there are several different types of chords. I thought there were only two. I was wrong.  However my dryer now works.

Hopefully with the internets now available in my home I will share more adventures.


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