One bite at a time

I’ve got a few new habits. Probably primarily because I’m at sea with the changes of life. This feeling of chaos that ensues when all of life is different than it was two weeks ago. I’ve started spending 6-7am drinking coffee on my front porch and writing, or planning, or reading the news. I do this everyday that I’m home, which is most days. I wash my dishes before bed which is usually one coffee mug, one plate, one spoon, and one fork. I drink one glass of wine about every other night.


Probably the strangest habit I have developed is that I sand or paint furniture every night. I’ve developed an obsession with repainting everything. Plus I got some furniture that had seen better days and is now being repainted and therefore sanded down. I think it will make for awesome blog tutorials.


I went to Jack O Lantern Farms last weekend, and while we got rained out it was still fun. I’m doing a booth this weekend in a 6ft space which I’ve never done before. Today I’ve got to get all the wrinkles ironed out of the display. Number one life lesson, its better to sell with friends.
And ever thing moves slowly, but you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time.


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