What I have been working on

It h as been another slightly weird week. I worked on several projects and even finished a few. Today, my friend Abbe and I are headed to Huntsville for Flying Monkey Arts. I’m kind of excited. The space is small but I have heard good things.

I got to deliver this piece to its owner!


I love making things and having them find a happy home.

I also finished working on this shelf this week


Its all purple and cute!

wpid-wp-1408193654261.jpeg wpid-wp-1408193640180.jpeg

I managed to finish both of these pieces to take to Flying Monkey. The mountain piece came out a lot better than I expected. The “Shine on” piece is a slightly different take on a piece I actually sold a few months ago. This time I put more sun in the piece, and I painted the hoop yellow.


I also took a piece of fabric from the Salvation Army and made 4 curtain panel for my kitchen. It looks rather cheery. If my kitchen is ever super clean I will show you what they all look like together.

What are you working on?


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