I Can’t Stop This Feeling: Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Rarely do I watch a trailer and automatically know that I am going to pay the full admission price to go see that movie in theaters rather than waiting for it to come to Netflix. Guardians of the Galaxy had me with the familiar lyrics of Hooked on A Feeling. Marvel has made great movies. This one is no different. I knew nothing about the movie or the comic book series it was based of off when I first saw the trailer. However anything that rocks that many classic tunes has got to be doing something right, so off to the theater I went. In fact, the soundtrack is climbing the charts. With songs like Fooled Around and Fell in Love and Cherry Bomb this film is a trip down the lane of nostalgia. Instead of the dramatic action flicks that we are so used to seeing with a comic turned film, this rag tag group of heroes displays more humor and ingenuity than action scenes.

There are so many good things to talk about in this movie. Some have compared it to playing Dungeons and Dragons, which is sort of a fitting analogy. This group of friends, centered around the loveable, trouble making Peter Quill come together much like the group of heroes beginning a D&D adventure. Zoe Saldana does a great job as the tough and haunted Gamora. Chris Pratt, who I was not previously familiar with absolutely nailed the fun loving, but a little bit broken, Peter Quill. Though Groot is not a smooth talker like many of Vin Diesel’s other characters, he is still pretty awesome. Bradley Cooper voices the Rocket the Raccoon who has a penchant for blowing things up. Much like a  D&D game where someone is added after the fact we get Drax the Destroyer played by David Bautista..

Much like the intense and complicated relationship between Thor and Loki, so is the relationship between Gamora and her adopted sister Nebula. Both are taken from their homes, both are trained assassins, and both are the adopted daughters of Thanos. I really hope that they explore the relationship further in future films. While Gamora is tired of all of the destruction, Nebula seems to be jaded against it. They have an intense relationship, but the sisterly love is still there. There are many complicated relationships in the film and we get to see different sides of all of our heroes and how they become Guardians. While it can be emotionally intense, it will also make you laugh and surprise you with the unexpected. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope you do as well.



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