Pinterest Worthy Projects: DIY Distressed Mug Tree

When I moved I had very little idea of what to unpack or work on first, except that I knew I needed a coffee station. I only have one counter in my kitchen but it was perfect for this purpose. Thus was born the idea that I wanted a mug tree. I got this plain thing from Consumer Craft  because it was on Clearance. I wasn’t actually sure what to do with it at the time.


You will need:
A wooden mug tree
Two colors of contrasting paint
Sponge brush
Sandpaper (fine and coarse)
Steel wool, grade 0 or 1

Printed images
Modge podge

It was just simple unfinished wood. I decided to paint and distress it as sort of a trial run for the other pieces of furniture I want to repaint. I decided to go with brown and turquoise.
After much research and trial and error I painted the base coat (Brown) twice and the top coat (turquoise) twice. I let it sit and completely dry for 24 hours.

After it was dry and no longer tacky to the touch I started the distressing process. I started with 80grain sandpaper. I used this lightly until the brown started to show. I was going for lightly distressed. Then I broke out some finer sandpaper until I got a little bit of smooth texture. Finally I used coarse steel wool. I cleaned up the mug tree and sprayed it with a sealant, but I wasn’t quite finished. I have these cute mushroom canisters so that is sort of my kitchen theme.


I printed some pictures of mushrooms off of the Internet and carefully cut them out then modge podged them to the base. After that dried I added a final coat of sealant! And done!




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