Book Review: A Whole New Crowd

I admit that I was a little bit skeptical at first. I had read Tijan’s Fallen Crest books and I really enjoyed them, then I read Jaded and it was completely different which was a little shocking. I feel sort of odd reading books written about teenagers, but I got over that after the awesomeness sank in. The plots are rich and the characters are unique. When I heard about A Whole New Crowd I was excited, but a little skeptical. Its a stand alone, not related to any of the characters I know and love and cant wait to continue to read about. I kept thinking “Why can’t this be Fallen Fourth Down?”. I’ve been salivating over that book a while obviously. I purchased AWNC anyway, just because I hoped it would be as amazing as her other works and I needed a good book fix. I’ve been reading some heavier things lately and I like to have balance.

Pretty much from the very beginning it is not what you expect. Taryn is so different from what I could have expected. She is strong, and independent, and a little broken. She grew up in the foster system, which is not a picnic. Being the survivor that she is, she went out and found a family. She found a boyfriend and friend that she considered a brother. The only problem was that the world they were involved in was not a safe one. Then out of the blue, out of seemingly nowhere, she is adopted right before she turns 18. Not only is she adopted, but she is adopted by a nice, well off, seemingly stable family with two ready made siblings. Taryn has a lot of adjusting to do. She has a new family, a new school, and new love interests that are completely different from what she left behind. The thing about the past is that it eventually catches up to you.

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I really recommend AWNC. Whether you love Tijan’s books or just love a good suspenseful romance, this is the book for you. Tray is absolutely everything ladies love. He is kind, loving and patient and exactly what Taryn seems to need. There are a lot of good books out there. This is one of the great ones. I’m giving it an 8 out of 10!



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