Rival: A Review

I read a lot. I read fiction and non fiction, romance and history and religion and suspense and science. I read all the time. I suspect that will only get worse in the coming months. One of the best books I have read lately is Rival by Penelope Douglas. This was her third book and I while I really enjoyed the first one and had a lot of fun reading the second one, it was Rival that really impressed me.

Rival is the third book in the Falling Away series. Bully and Until You, the first two books, tell Jared and Tate’s story. These are also the books that we are introduced to Madoc and Fallon, as well as Jared and KC. Madoc is basically an Abercrombie model with attitude. Fallon is such a cool, nerdy, skateboarder. Their story is beautiful, and heartbreaking, and perfect.

We meet Madoc and Fallon two years after they first got together. They have been living entirely separate live with absolutely no contact. Fallon just up and disappeared one day. To make things more complicated they are step siblings to parents who don’t seem interested in being married or their children.  Madoc is having one last hoorah of a Summer before heading off to Notre Dame and all of the sudden, out of the blue, in pops Fallon, in his house and Madoc is being ordered not to go home. Madoc and Fallon didn’t part ways on the best of terms.

Within the first hundred pages there are scenes that will have you hooked on Penelope Douglas if you weren’t already. She is such an amazing author and she has truly outdone herself with this book. Madoc and Fallon have grown up from where they were at 16 and while they have issues to get through they do it with such beauty and grace as is rarely seen in people much older than themselves. Rival is beautiful. Go check it out for your self. You can purchase it here. Also Penelope Douglas is doing a blog tour for Rival this week. You can follow her here.

Happy Reading!



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