Here comes 2015

I like lists. Its a weakness really. I write lists about everything. I have a spreadsheet just for baby things. Oddly enough I prefer pen and paper lists. I suppose we all have a pet peeve.

While my thoughts and goals for 2014 were not all realized I did learn a few things. I didn’t post every day….and that is ok. I did post more last year than the year before. I have still not entirely narrowed my blogging goals, but I have a better idea of what I like to write. I still don’t have one craft I love, but I have improved my embroidery skills, and the over quality of the things I do make and I have tried a few new things (and rejected a few things as well) I love the new year. You get a new planner, and a false sense of beginning that is extremely inspiring.

Here are few goals for this new year!



1. See the beach

This is really a goal I set every year and most years I make it. This year I plan to go before this baby pops out.

2. Have a baby!

I’m thinking that this a goal I will definitely reach. I’m already halfway. 😉

3. Go Dancing

I’m terribly out of shape and it will have to wait until after this kid arrives.

4. Successfully make bread dough rise

5. Visit a new state

Maybe Washington!

6. Put Christmas up before February

7. Take pictures as often as possible

8. Journal every day for a month

9. Hang degree above desk

10. License

11. Start a life’s ambition notebook

This has been on the list a while…maybe I will finally get around to it

12. Watch all the Harry Potter movies in a row

This too actually

13. Crochet something amazing

14. Learn one full piano song

15. Go to six flags

16. Smoke a cigar (iffy)


 17. Make 100 Etsy sales!

This year I capped out at 15.

18.  Write! Write and publish at least every day for a month

19. Write a unit study…write a ton of them…write curriculum.

20. Work at least one craft fair a month starting in February or March.


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