Star Wars tutorial round up!

I love Star Wars! And their is a lot of Star Wars excitement these days with the release of the seventh movie trailer. In honor of that I have gathered some of the most interesting Star Wars DIY’s that can be found on the interwebs.

DIY Star Wars Hair Clips or Shoe Toppers by Crafty Staci

1. These adorable clips have a great free tutorial. They can be attached to anything.


2. I can’t have a list of awesome Star Wars projects without including this awesome terrarium idea from my own blog.

 Hand Cut LP Death Star Clock

3. I’ve been doing a ton of things with records this past year so I thought this was especially neat. There isn’t a tutorial but a link to an Etsy vendor. Support Small businesses!

Star Wars inspired Quiet Book (PATTERN)

4. With Baby Carl on the way soon I have been researching and looking into neat little things that I can make for him to pass on to his babies. Yeah, I am sentimental. However this Star Wars quiet book is by far the neatest thing ever. You can purchase the pattern here.

Good thing that a picture is worth a thousand words because for this shot . . . there are no words ;-)

5. I am not particularly talented with Origami, but this is pretty stinkin neat!

R2D2 -For Andrew - may never make this, but I have it if I ever want to!

6. I love to cross stitch and really this is self explanatory.

I made a Chewbacca softie using this image and faux fur to go along with a halloween costume. The faux fur made the small arms and legs I was working with a real challenge to turn out. But in the end he looked good, everyone recognized him because of his bandolier.

7. Chewy is my favorite character. This plush looks simple and neat.

8. And following the Chewy theme is this neat, but simple stocking.  There are no instructions but it would be fairly simple to reproduce.


Merry Sithmas! Homemade Star Wars lawn ornaments

9. This is officially the neatest lawn decor I have ever seen! Here is how it was made.

star-wars-snowflake-banner sm

10. While the Christmas season is swiftly coming to a close these Star Wars inspired snowflakes are a neat idea for any time of year.


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