Movie Review: I, Frankenstein

In the interest of full disclosure I think I should confess that I have never actually finished Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. I am familiar with the story and have seen several movies about the book and using the concepts from the book in various loose interpretations. Having said all that I didn’t let any of that cloud my vision when I sat down to watch I, Frankenstein.

I had some idea of what to expect from this movie from the commercials and because I knew it was in some way vaguely associated with the Underworld franchise. I really enjoy the Underworld movies so I just assumed I would also enjoy this one. Turns out this movie note only is associated with the Underworld films, but the screenplays were written by the same man. That deep voiced, rather gigantic man that we get to see in the Underworld films Mr Kevin Grevioux.

The basic premise of I, Frankenstein is that Victor Frankenstein creates a monster from various cadavers that he plays with for a little while and then discards which of course rather infuriates the monster who takes revenge on Dr. Frankenstein. For whatever reason now that the monster has been reincarnated he is seemingly impossible to kill. He wanders the earth long after Dr. Frankenstein’s death and in that time happens upon some demons who are the baddies in this movies. Demons are of course hunted by heavenly creatures, in this case gargoyles. Considering I grew up on the Gargoyles TV series I really enjoyed this plot aspect though I have heard others complain about it. All in all I enjoyed the film and would definitely watch it again.


I did not like the lack of real character build up of any character aside from Adam. If the Gargoyle/Demon back story had been a bit better explored the movie would definitely have felt more well rounded. I can only hope if they make a second movie it does a better job of that. It is still worth seeing the film but I do understand that particular gripe.

I, Frankenstein is currently available to stream on Netflix. Go watch it!


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